Useful Sizes

So many uses for our Zippy's!! below are some ideas to get you started

$8.50 - (8cm x 5cm key ring) - USB, lip gloss, loose change, ear rings, doggy doo bags, tuckshop money, trolley tokens

$9.50 - (12cm x 9cm) Business cards, loyality cards, essential oil rollers, coin purse        

$13.50 - (18cm x 11cm) Great for handbag organising! medicines, make up, passports, purse, phone slip, pen and notebook

$15.50 - (24cm x 14cm) make up bag, toiletries, sanitary products, first aid, small pencil case, paperwork, kids small toys, cords & chargers

$17.50 - (29cm x 18cm) Small nappy bag, toiletries, big pencil case, backpack organiser, diary

$19.50 - (33cm x 23cm A4 size) A4 documents and notebooks, large toiletries bag, large nappy bag/under pram bag, apple ipad slip, small laptop slip, board games and puzzles, large pencil case/homework folder

$29.50 - (41cm x 31cm) Board games, kids toys, great size for teachers, large laptop cover, art & craft equipment, lego, knitting equipment, documents 

Check out our Zippy's in use in the gallery below to get a better idea!

(click on the photo to read the sizes being used in each photo)